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Favourite Kitchen Countertop Materials

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The kitchen is often the most essential and busiest room in the house. That means your kitchen countertop material will have to withstand pans and hot pots, spills, wet dishes and daily food preparation. The perfect and excellent countertop should look fantastic and be functional at the same time. Familiarize yourself with the excellent and best kitchen countertop options so that you can select or decide which is beneficial and best for your lifestyles and budget.

1. Quartz:

This is a unique and most popular kitchen countertop option today. Quartz refers to a fix or engineered stone, which is built or made by the combining ground quartz resins and particles. It is also a functional countertop material due to the high durability and low maintenance. Quartz does not need any special care – such as sealing, and it is so easy to clean and for the maintenance.


Quartz can be a mimic granite, natural or any other kind of stone like marble and comes in a wide variety of patterns and colours. More and more sellers and manufacturers are building or developing countertops that look like perfect and beautiful natural stone.


Engineered quartz is the most resilient countertop materials which are available in the market.Because it is less expensive and low water absorption, it doesn’t need to be sealed and is also highly stain resistant.

2. Corian:

Corian is also a popular synthetic polymer that falls under the list of solid-surface kitchen countertop materials. It is other applications including the shower walls and sinks, backsplashes. Corian is withstood and non-porous heavy use. While it can withstandthe heat of up to 21 degrees F., It is not perfect or recommended to leave hot surfaces on the Corian countertop for extended periods. Because this product or material is water-resistant, it does not harbour bacteria, and it is easy to maintain like cleaning with everyday household cleaners.


Corian comes in a lot of variety of colours, often in some consistent patterns. Sinks and Backsplashes may be included in the overall countertop design, providing a little or beautiful uniform look throughout the kitchen area.


The Corian surface is highly stain resistant, and will not be damaged by the household acidic things or substances, such as lemon juice or vinegar. Corian kitchen countertops can be professionally refinished should they become nicked and your average everyday kitchen cleaner will get rid of even the problematic stains without a trace.

3. Granite :

Granite is the most unique and durable natural stones that come in slabs,which are the cut size of fit any kitchen countertop requirement. Granite Countertops are resistant to scratches and heat and come in the hundreds of unique patterns and colours. However, the granite material is porous and must be sealed. Taking this merelyextraordinary and precautionary step can help maintain and prevent stains the stone’s finish.


Every block or piece of natural stone is a little different, and no two countertop kitchen surfaces will be perfect the same. Granite can be striking and consistent in all pattern or have swirls and veins. The range of coloursand designswill give homeowners aunique look and feel they want to receive or achieve.


one of the most common reasons granite is such a most popular choice is because of its excellent and unbelievable durability. Hot items can be set directly on the kitchen countertop surface, which makes the design and material more amazing and convenient countertop choices.

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