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Brush Stands/Tumblers

Imagine this, waking up in the morning, checking your phone and what is the next thing you’d do?

Most of us rush to flush or brush. Brushing teeth is surely among the earliest things all of us do. So if you don’t have a holder / drawer that looks attractive, your mood will be affected accordingly. A beautiful brush holder ensures a fresh and beautiful start in the morning. If you see a boring, dirty and unattractive brush holder on a perfect morning, you might not start well. But with our luxurious stand, you will feel happier and ebullient since the very beginning of the morning.


We use different materials in the production for brushes or tumblers. We make it from graphite, marble, yellow stone with the greatest attention and love. We ensure that we meet your requirements. Everyone has their own aesthetic sense, and our goal is to fulfill our desires successfully with a tumbler/brush stand of your choice. The stand looks unique and has an elegant touch. They come in various shapes and sizes of your choice. What are you waiting for? Start your day off well with a beautifully crafted brush holder and brush. Get a high-quality white marble / glass brush holder for an elegant look in your room. Here are some more reasons as to why you should choose our products:


  • DESIGNER ARTWORK: Enjoy the out of the box, unique and elegant printed marble design of our brush holder/tumbler which brings a sophisticated and modern style to your bathroom and matched the vibe of your home.


  • HIGH-QUALITY: We have curated a perfect balance between cost and quality. Get the benefits of a sturdy construction without exceeding your budget. Made of smooth dolomite and rust free components, our aesthetically lovely and strong tumblers/brush holders will last for years on any bath or kitchen counter top or vanity.


  • VERSATILITY: We have a wide range of products to offer. Above that, each product is versatile enough to be used in different situations and different setup. For instance, these holders can be used as a cup for a drink or store toothbrushes, makeup brushes and other necessities inside. These can also become a pencil box or on the kitchen counter for holding cutlery. All depends on the way you want to use these.


  • MATCHING COLLECTION: Complete your entire home decoration with other products from our website. This will complement your Marble look. Other products include basins and sinks, soap dispensers etc.


  • QUALITY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED : Since we have got the best quality products in the most pocket friendly prices.